Heart to Heart ~

Sometimes the simple things in life are just the easiest. So, yesterday I had a calling to spend sometime on the beach.

This will sound crazy, but we woke up to fog and it didn’t matter to me – fog or sun I was heading to the beach. We packed a late breakfast bite, lots of water and headed out to find our perch in our baseball caps.

We soon learned we were not the only silly ones out in the fog. I met my first new little friend, a Gull that welcomed us to just sit back, breathe it all in, relax and take time to enjoy. I took notes from my new friend as we both checked each other out.

Quickly that old saying came to mind, when in Rome ~ do as the Romans do. I was taking that advice and doing what the Gull was instructing me to.

First on the agenda was to get my 10K steps in for the day. Down the beach we headed with our plastic bags in hand. It’s always good to be prepared just in case a few shells pop in your path that you can’t resist picking up.

I love walking the beach because you never know what your eyes are going to see. The first few steps sure enough, someone was in the mood for love and designed a heart.

A mosaic of shells was embedded on the beach and just glowed with love! The shells were all different sizes, most of them face down and placed in the shape of a heart. I wondered who might have made this art piece for the beach crowd to enjoy?

Next on the walk I felt this face that was keeping an eye on me. As I got closer, this is what I found ~

Don’t you just love creative minds? The look I kept sensing was a weathered root of a coconut tree that floated up to shore that took on the look as a fun beatnik. Seagrass what used for the nose, lost leafs were used for the eye with a shell in the center, and a fun heart shell filled in for the mouth. Again, I wondered who took the time to embellish this masterpiece that captured the beach walkers attention.

Next, I love the see kids playing and expressing themselves on the beach as well. There is such an innocence of kids being mesmerized with sand and water. Often they bring their buckets and molds and can sit for hours to form their own masterpiece. I ran into this cute little gal that was oh so proud when I asked if I could take a picture. She glowed with excitement and was so proud of her creation.

Coming a back to our perched area on the beach where our empty chairs sat, I too decided to tap into my creative side. I sat on the side of the beach and gathered the shells that were around me and I went to work.

Most of you know I love to layer, embellish and add texture. It was time to see what I could make out of my surroundings as well. First I used layer of small, broken shells that most people would discount to collect. My second layer I scored several COQUINAS shells and then finished the center with more small, broken down shells. I placed two broken conch shells for the center, a few small branches to surround the heart and wallah, I was done!

I stood back and looked at my art piece and I decided to take another photo with the sea being my background. My heart was full of “Heart to Heart” feelings of accomplishment.

Meanwhile, its Valentine Day and I hope these hearts have warmed your heart as well. Whatever your day is filled with, may it be a happy one filled with love.

Happy Valentines Day ~