Meet Phyllis and Jerry ~

You know how we say “you never know who is going to slip in your path next”, that is certainly the case in this next story. Meet Phyllis and Jerry that stepped into our path last night.

We had been out exploring around Savanna, Georgia most of the day and arrived back at our campsite at Skidaway Island State Park shortly before dinner and dusk was minutes away. We quickly got a fire going and sat down around the fire to reminisce our day.

A gentleman comes up and asks if we were just at Gulf Shores Alabama. He mentioned a trailer such as ours that had Iowa license plates was parked in the same campgrounds as he was. We both commented, nope not us ~ we were coming from Florida. Meanwhile in that same conversation, another guest arrived on his bike and stands back awaiting to chat as well.

Jerry, the man in the background waiting patiently grins with joy and asked if we happened to see his Avion trailer in the next row over from us. We completely missed it since it wasn’t in our drive to our campsite and was one row over. A bit small conversations took place about our trailers, we invite Jerry to take a look inside. “Oh no”, I can’t look without Phyllis because “she wouldn’t t let me hear the end of it if I looked without her”. Can I go get her and come back he asks? Sure, come back we both respond we will be here.

Just a few minutes later, sure enough here they come Phyllis and Jerry. Oh my gosh they both were so full of fun and lots of energy! They asked if we had seen their note they left for us? Gezz we were flunking all bases with not noticing their trailer, nor note. Maybe we had done too much sightseeing for one day?

Phyllis and Jerry were such a little joy to be around. We exchanged stories of acquiring our trailers and where we were all from. Lots of giggles were exchanged. It was now “showtime” for Phyllis and Jerry to take a peek at our old 1962 Avion.

They both squealed with joy and had amazing looks as they stated their trailer was almost identical. We must now come look at theirs! Off they go on their lighted bikes as we follow behind.

We arrive at “their camp” and we too giggle as it seemed like the trailers were a brother and sister thing and they were from the same family. Two 1962 vintage Avion trailer in the same campground, what’s the odds?

More small talk and they tell us they are from Moline, IL. Phyllis and Jerry are trumpet players (so is Brian 😉) and Phyllis does virtual lessons to students back in Moline. Phyllis reached for her trumpet and was excited to share her talents with a serenade for us. Bravo – bravo as she blushes!

On another fun note, this last year they brought along their sewing machine and have been sewing masks. Posted at their campsite is a clothesline full of free masks for giveaway to anyone that comes along. Jerry cuts out, Phyllis is the seamstress. Several hundreds later, I might say they have had a greet success making many of peoples day by providing a free mask just by stopping by.

Such a colorful personality Phyllis had. Many fun sayings around their trailer, netting to keep the bugs out, colorful lights strung all about outside and of course the trumpet is ready to play at a moment’s notice.

Time quickly pasted with our new friends and it was time to head back to our camp but not without one more dual song on the trumpets. You see every night at 9:00 pm both Phyllis and Jerry plays the taps at their campsite for neighbors to enjoy. One stands at one end of the site and the other at the other side. They flash their flash lights and taps begin. What a treat for many ~

As we say our goodbyes, I quickly look back and see the cat in the window watching us walk off. How lucky for us to always meet such awesome new people. Phyllis and Jerry we hope our paths cross again in our old 1962 Avion’s. Safe travels ~ keep up the tunes, and sewing machine going. You sprinkle such joy ~