Chasing the sun and more ~

Ever wonder why we are all so memorized with sunsets? Beyond just being a natural phenomenon, the setting of the sun symbolizes many things to a variety or people and cultures. The setting of the sun represents the completion of a day’s work, so it represents the opportunity to rest.

Living in Florida these last few months it was often easy to catch a sunset on the beach. As our countdown was clicking away to leave the beach on the Gulf of Mexico before heading back to the Midwest, we decided to take in one more sunset on the beach. It felt like we were at a rock concert yelling out for the the band to play “one more song”.

As we arrived the beach, we immediately found the waters so calming, magical and hypnotizing our thoughts. Noticing only a few sunset takers, we zoned in to search for the perfect spot to perch and quickly setting up our beach chairs to claim our viewing spot.

We parked next to a jumbo motor home filled with several friends and family playing the day away. The kids along with adults were splashing in and out of the water as their laughs echoed along the beach. Quickly we learn the family was from Israel on holiday when one of their a balls flew into our space. We both commented that this family was having such fun on their journeys.

Shortly after our set up, a vehicle pulled up on our other side with three young adults getting out with fishing nets and a bucket in hand. Of course we were curious and kept an eye open hoping we might witness fish being caught.

Sitting patiently for the sun to go down, we were being entertained with the family from Israel on one side and two netting fishermen on the other. Simple pleasures and great fun as we enjoyed watching the activities with both groups.

Over hearing the fisherman’s conversation we realized it was a training session from one friend to another on how to net fish. Details were shared on how to hold the net, stretching the net out just right and when to release for the throw. Both guys would laugh as they would try over and over again to land that perfect throw.

It didn’t take us long to get acquainted with these three young, gregarious adults. Alicia, Trevin and Mika were all having fun and just as curious about us asking several questions with small talk. Trevin encouraged us to give the net a throw. We were both much obliged but enjoyed taking it all in from our beach chairs. We both laughed and thought we would probably get caught in their net and then what!?

Soon the Israel family got in on the fun and we had a show going on! The birds as well were flying in to check out the catch and had hopes of snagging one or two fish from the bucket when no one was looking.

Mika grew impatient with his lesson on netting fishing and thought cracking a few jokes might suit him better. We all laughed realizing it’s harder than it looks to net fish. Untangle, spread and release. Oh sure it sounds easy doesn’t it, but smooth coordination looked to be the success. Neither one of us thought we had the confidence to throw the net, after all we had front row seats to take in the show.

Kids and adults stopped by the bucket to view the catch. Laughs and giggles were heard by all. One by one they approached the bucket to catch a peek of the fish caught and it was shortly followed with their ewww’s and ahhhh’s.

The parking lot began to fill up and the noise of car trunk after car trunk opening and closing. Sunset viewers pulled out their chairs and if they didn’t have chairs made great use of the trunk for a bench. It was a simple and easy set up with no expectations by anyone. Many sat quietly just stopping by for a daily bit of gratitude by witnessing a beautiful sunset.

Ready ~ set ~ relax ~ and the countdown begins.

And then it happens, the sun fades away into a gentle disappearing act celebrating yet another beautiful day.

The sun set, the audience picks up quickly and fades down the highway. Counting our blessings, we both agreed a good time was had by all and simple does have its pleasures.

After reading about netting fish, who is up for learning how to throw the net? I did a little research and picked out a tutorial to help you along. I’m not sure about you, but I think I will still stay ashore and watch the pros throw the fun. One thing for sure if you give it a whirl, you are sure to have an audience.

In closing with my words, I leave you with a little song we probably all have sang along with a time or two. I hope wherever you are, maybe you too were witnessing a beautiful sunset. It’s a “come as you are” setting that allows each of us to sit back and enjoy the little slice of beauty that is offered to us all everyday of the week. It’s free, relaxing and magical.