Women that inspire us ~

I am all about lining my “Stars” and seeing where there might take you. Years ago as I began my Blue Star Collections business I knew I wanted to put a “ Star” in my business name.

The Star inspired me to be creative, shine at what I did and see what kind of stars I might find along the way.

I know it’s been like a broken record for us all with this Covid thing. We hear everyday, the four “W ‘s” ~ Wear a mask, watch your distance, wash your hands and wipe down surfaces.wear a mask, wash your hands. Sometimes I find myself slipping further back and yet yearning for some sort of inspiration to snap me back following to my Blue Star.

I guess it had to be mis summer when my dear friend Pat McGill said to me I needed to check out this gal from Milford, Iowa that was doing “Quaran-teas”. Pat mentioned we would have a bit in common.

I quickly did a Facebook lookup and sure enough and I knew right away I was going to like this young lady and I loved what she was doing. Within minutes we became friends and the giggles and the inspiring friendships too off! We did a bit of going back and forth with conversations and of course was cautious about gathering together. You see, I asked her to come set a “quaran-tea” at my house under the pergola on my patio.

The Covid numbers continued to grow so we both opted out, well at least for now. But meanwhile, we chatted often back and forth as she continued to inspire me. Finally I decided I just wanted to Blog about her and hopefully inspire you as well.

So here we go ~ Blue Star Collections peeps out in Blogland meet my new little inspiring friend Krista Kolegraff from Milford, Iowa.

Krista came home from San Francisco, CA when Covid broke out and decided to perch in Milford. You see Krista has always had a creative side to herself and being in quarantine like the rest of us she decided something new.

Krista mother had a special birthday coming up that needed a little celebration. Not just any ole birthday party would do, it had to have a twist. Krista came up with the “Quaran-Tea” party. She would gather up some awesome recipes, her mother’s old dishes and invite a few friends in her mother quarantine bubble.

The table came to life!

As I continue down my own path, there always seem to be a “Star” that appears. Sure enough on the dessert tray, check out the “Star” cookies.

What treat for her mother’s friends. I’m sure it was the “talk of town”, after all we were in the middle of the Covid shutdown. No restaurants open to celebrate, but better yet her mother’s own “Quarantine-Tea” party with her close friends!