Remembering ~

This might be a hard thing to write about with all that is going on in the world today. It was two years ago Minneapolis hit the news with the death of George Floyd. A name we will never forget.

It was a sad day for all as we witnessed this tragedy. Feelings exploded and mixed emotions feeling defeated with the death of Floyd. Minneapolis tension was high across the city.

Two years ago filled with tears, fears and figuring out how to move on. Many of us not knowing how to react after seeing burnt down Police stations and businesses. Where was the silver lining in all this anger and bitterness?

I always feel there is a silver lining to life as it happens. As we drove around the city taking in the aftermath of the destruction, we also viewed emotions demonstrating beauty.

The death of Floyd spiked. The angry crowds moved their frustrations to the Uptown location just west of downtown Minneapolis. Boutique store fronts quickly took action and boarded up their window fronts to protect their property from damage by traveling riots.

It was then the Uptown Performing Art District got involved and invited artists to share their feelings painting masterpieces on the boarded up store front windows. What creative, quick thinking that came from this group. Turning a sad and negative situation into moving beautiful pieces of art. Traffic was lined up taking in this artistic talent being displayed on rough sheets of boards.

It was amazing to see the talent of the local artists paint and create in such an emotional time on the streets. This silver lining took place one by one right before our eyes.

People were crying out Unity as they were releasing sorrow, anger, and more. Little did we all know the true colors were showing.

These artists were painting their hearts out. To study each and everyone of these painting sent a message.

Driving around Uptown with a green light, you wanted to just sit at the light and take it all in. The divided sides were voicing their thoughts in these paintings.

One after another the artist voiced their opinions suggesting we need to stand together. Again the vibrate colors sucked you in.

This painting probably says more than we will ever understand in the eyes of this painter. Peace sign in the paddle, tattoos on the arm of the person in the boat. Amazing work ~

No words needed to said as we view the love that was placed on the black backdrop filled with hearts, lots of color and exclamation.

The following days as the city began picking up the pieces from this historical situation, painters were creating pictures of today and dreams of tomorrow.

Today we have more stories that fill our news. Where will we look for that silver lining to make us feel better in our hearts? Communities coming together to show their support and leaving us wondering what our tomorrow might be as we hold each other close.

The silver lining ~ opening our eyes knowing tomorrow the sun will come up in search of answers. Praying for peace and waiting for prayers to be answered.

I do know we have several silver linings in each day. If we sit still long enough, will it appear in from of our face?

These beautiful artists two years ago gave us a gift. The Uptown Minneapolis store front owners provided the backdrop. We stood back and took in the silver lining beauty.

In closing, you might be reminiscing these memories that took place two years ago. Yesterday is now filled with memories, today we fill our hearts with hope. Sometimes it might be best to just “let it be”.