Bringing back memories ~

Today I am continuing to grow and learn as I write this blog for Blue Star Binocular. Have you ever felt like a “Fish out of Water” or “Playing in the wrong sand pile”? It’s been just that, working my way around blogging and learning in a new way to communicate.

My Facebook account was violated early fall and I am building my new tribe once again and finding my way back to you! One might think that would be easy task, but not so. I’ve even reached out to couple of professional people to help since this is their forte. Meanwhile I await for a response in my call for help and I won’t be discouraged to find you once again. So you see, if you see a friend request from Beth Bright, yes that is me ~

A few words that I posted on Facebook earlier on “sharing my story”.

I received this video from Facebook today and thought it might be nice to share all the fun we had together. I so love all the smiles in this short video, seeing my tribe enjoy my creative side and excited about this next chapter where it might take me.
November 10, 2016

Stay warm if you are living in the Midwest where we have snow falling or enjoy the sun for those that might be on the beach or warm temps. There is a lake out there somewhere ~

Hope to see you soon ~

One thought on “Bringing back memories ~

  1. That was fun to see pictures of the blue star pop up!! We have a lamp in our tv room that I got at one of your sales and a cute Beetle Christmas pillow that I found last year and will be getting that out soon! it is wintry out there!

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