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Our clock is ticking away and we are quickly approaching Election Day tomorrow, November 3rd. Doesn’t it seem like we have been watching political ads forever? I think I’m safe in saying, we just need to get this behind us and get our lives back to some sort of normal.

I’ve been brainstorming a fun idea to share with you this week and it’s been difficult with all that is happening around us. Many times when we hear sad things take place, there is a happy thought right around the corner. In this post, that is exactly what I found – Jim Beam to the rescue!

Tick Tock the clock is running

Over the weekend we lost a great actor, Sean Connery. Hearing about his death certainly brought back many great movie memories that Sean Connery starred in. I wanted to learn more about him so I went on an internet search. One of the first things I ran across was an advertisement featuring Sean with Jim Beam Bourbon.

After studying the ad of Jim Beam and Sean Connery, I ran upstairs to my storage closet and remembered we had a set of Political Jim Beam bottles. I was excited, the two stories had something in common – Jim Beam Bourbon! These political, porcelain decanters were given to Brian from his parents. I remembered seeing these decanters often as they were displayed in my mother-in-law’s china cabinet. We were the lucky ones in the family to adopt the political set of the donkey and the elephant.

Jim Beam shared many tag lines over years of production and this ad with Sean reads “You can’t improve on the original”. One of my favorite slogans was “Generation Gap – Jim Beam never heard of it”. The list of slogans go on as they had a creative marketing group even 52 years ago.

I loved imagining what gatherings these decanters might have taken place at. One might guess it brought interesting topics of conversation. Back in 1968 it too was a political Presidential voting year as Richard Nixon, Republican ran against Hubert Humphrey, Democrat. Of course we all know how that turned out with Nixon taking home the Presidency.

Standing proud ~

If these Jim Beam Bourbon decanters could talk, what would they have said back in 1968? I wonder what their thought were by dressing them in red and blue polka dots? Why did the donkey have a hat and the other one was omitted? That is the magic of collecting today, researching and reminiscing the stories of collectible items. Today the pair of decanters can bring upwards of $150 depending on what shape they are in.

Nineteen hundred sixty eight date along with serial numbers and “Genuine Regal China” were molded on the bottom of each of these decanters.

When we wake up Wednesday, November 4th we can only hope all those political ads are gone. We might not know who our President will be, BUT we can hope and pray we start building this team of supporting each other as we move forward to heal.

By the way, our decanters are empty so that tells you someone had fun back in 1968! Cheers my friends ~ please continue to stay safe in your travels wherever they might be. ~ Salute ~

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