Is this a “Lost Art in a Changing World”?

How many of you while at the grocery store standing in line to check out your groceries scan the latest magazines? Do you search for your favorite read or do you see what’s new on the stand? Do you cheat and look inside? Do the pictures entice you do the headlines pull you in?

I have a confession, I’m one of those people that has to stop when I go by a magazine stand to see what’s new.

First it’s the cover – I scan it over and if it strikes my fancy I pick it up to peek inside. Sometimes I throw it in my cart and sometimes I walk away after not being impressed with what I seen.

I know it’s bad for me to pick it up and then put it down and I think to myself how really rude that is. But please tell me, I’m not the only one that does this bad habit.

So today, this magazine caught my eye “in her Studio”. I loved the colors, words, and the main titles drew me in. Spaces and stories of creative women.

A Mediative Retreat, A Tiny but Charming Ceramics Studio, The Pursuit of Beauty in an Painters Art Studio, and Soft meets Fierce in a Jewerly Studio. Now who wouldn’t want to read more. Surely one of these stories would be worth a read wouldn’t you think?

So here is another one, Cooking with Cast Iron”. I posted a few weeks ago about cast iron so of course I wanted to see more. I’m is still trying to learn and master the art of cast iron cooking so this too I took a second look at this one. The recipes looked beautiful, easy and it immediately took me to my own kitchen of fixing a few of the recipes.

Staying within the “Cooking” section on the magazine rack I’m now scanning over these next two choices. What to Eat for Life and Mindful Eating. Gezzz you can quickly feel guilty about your choices in these magazines. Cast Iron could be a little bit more fatty in the diet because needing more oils in the pan? Maybe cast iron cooking isn’t the lightest choice or being the most healthiest but oh the pictures made me dream of wanting more. Who could I cook for and entertain when this Covid thing gets over?

My eyes moved on and quickly went onto the decor section, another one of my favorite passions. I just stood there and stared at all the articles than ran through my mind and wonder what I should dive into first. I found myself being memorized with all these goodies to look at. It was like a kid in a candy store deciding what my favorite kind of candy was to buy!

It seems there is so many decorating magazines right now to catch our eye. It’s like trying to pick an ice cream flavor at Baskin Robbins that might catch your palette for a certain craving. Cherry, chocolate, vanilla – what’s your flavor? French, Traditional, Cottage or maybe Farmhouse?

DIY immediately called out to me! We all love projects that we can proudly call and adapt to our own look. I loved the throw on the sofa with the BIG balls. The horse on the wall recycling books was another eye catcher for me. How cool was that! It took me back to one of my sales that I did a few months ago that I used an old headboard and screwed old books on the back of the board. It not only looked fun but it made for a great presentation for one of my displays. My recycled headboard sold at the end of the show. I hope today that happy buyer is still enjoying that one of a kind piece from Blue Star Collections.

Next moving into fashion ~ it’s in all our wheel houses of what the latest and greatest trends are and whats the HOT look for the upcoming season. Of course, we all want to know what to buy, where to buy it and in hopes it gives us a jumpstart on getting our own personal look.

Look how these magazines catch our attention. Kamala Harris our new Vice President, we are checking out her new look. Badass Women, wow whats that about? Dating in the middle of Covid with Masks? Oh my ~ all of these certainly catch our eye and make us wonder in more ways than one.

Moving on to more fun, the next two magazines made me giggle. People magazine writing about Queen Elizabeth. What is the Queen is really like? I don’t know how many of you watched “The Crown” but another subject we can’t seem to get enough of. More stories about the Queen can be found on Netflex, PBS and other streaming services as well as at the news stand. The media is working hard to catch our attention and it is working!

And what about this “America’s Scariest Places”. I have to admit, it does kinda make you look twice doesn’t it? Could it be in your neck of the woods or has it been in your last path? It would it be a great place to visit for Halloween don’t you think? 😬😳

So I have to tell you the truth. I spent a bit of time as my eyes searched over all these magazine sections. I carefully read the titles, dreamed a bit and it killed a bunch of time. You see I was in line at a Publix Grocery Store in St Lucie, Florida waiting for my name to be called for the vaccine shot. Yep, I was one of the lucky ones that won the lottery getting my name on the list. Ok so if I’m confessing, it was Brian that so diligently hung in there day after day trying to get me a spot. Bingo ~

I spent several minutes if not just under an hour to just ponder over these magazines. I wondered how many of us found easy it is to walk past this “Lost Art” in our past busy life’s before Covid hit. Maybe I’m showing my age but I still love to touch a great magazine, read a good article, and just plain wanting to be inspired. Yesterday it certainly did all of that for me.

But I do have to share with you one of my favorites. I hope you don’t think I’m not conceited or big in the head, but only because of my Blue Star Collections business was invited and graciously honored to be in a few magazines myself. I have grown to respect our editors, publishers and buyers once my face was put on a cover. It’s tough work publishing and finding the right light, words and what inspires others to buy the magazine.

So meanwhile, when your standing in line next to the newsstand I too hope all these beautiful magazines will take you away if only for l just a few minutes. Also, hope your lucky as I was to be standing next in line for your vaccine.

As always – thank you for taking the time to read my Blue Star Binocular. It gives me great pleasure to share ~