Back in the Saddle ~

Lately I’ve been asked by several “where have you been” I’ve missed your blog. I know, its been a few weeks since I last sent out a message and today is the day I told myself it’s time to “get back in the saddle” and share some fun!

I grew up around horses riding a few Shetland ponies in my day so riding with a saddle I can so relate to it. However, I mostly rode bareback and was often bucked off when I least expected it. The moral of this story is if you get bucked off , stay focused, get back on your horse and keep going.

One of my favorite things to do is go to the library to see the latest reads. I know it’s weird but I could spend hours just looking, reading and touching the books. It amazes me all the endless possibilities for inspiration for all of us.

I giggle at myself when I see what books call out. When I made a visit to the library last week I really didn’t have an agenda other than I was looking for a great book club read. Looked what popped in my path.

My Blue Star Collections business is all about the home so when I was searching through the fiction books, Feels like HOME this caught my eye and I knew I had to have it. If your into decorating will know the author Marian Parsons, aka Miss Mustard Seed she does a wonderful blog.

This book is full of fun ideas, helpful hints, painting techniques, DYI projects as well she tells you a bit about herself growing up in a military family, as an army brat and how the bug of decorating came in her life.

Marian mentions its not what your homes gives to you, but it’s what you create with it and in that foundation upon which your life is built. She also shares how to transform your space from uninspiring to uniquely yours. Who doesn’t want that?!

The book shows you how to make ceiling boxed beams, painting techniques, how to paint a mural, sewing, and numerous ideas to make your home special and stand out.

Feels like HOME offers you some great ideas for paint and coloring. Choosing a paint color can be challenging at times with different lighting and how it affects the tone. Since we are discussing paint and color, have you seen the “new color of the year” from Pantene just selected for 2022. See what you think ~

A room should feel collected, not decorated. Listen to your house – it will speak to you. Take a minute to appreciate your house. What elements already feel like home?

One of things I also enjoyed in the book was quotes from famous people. Read on, see if you can relate to any of them:

Julia Child ~ the more you know, the more you can create. There is no end to imagination in the kitchen.

We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us – Winston Churchill

Decorating is an autobiography- Gloria Vanderbilt

Creativity is a wildmind and a disciplined eye – Dorthy Parker

This beautiful, colorful and inspiring ideas is sure to attract you as it did myself. It just might move you to move a few things in your house for a new look. The calming look of this book will just might inspire you to pick up Feels like HOME and challenge your decorating talents.

The next two books I thought went hand in hand and called out to me. Our society encourages us all to be better recyclers and knowing what to throw in our recycle bin. Myself being a recycler and repurposing “stuff” in my Blue Star Collections business I felt these two books also hit home.

Both these books are both easy reads. I took them to the beach with me and read through both of them in one afternoon. Lots of simple drawings to keep your interest as well.

The chapters in the book Can I Recycle This is full of suggestions. It covers everything from soup to nuts!

And finally, this page warmed my heart. Buying vintage and recycling your vintage clothes by donating, giving away or just cutting them up to recreate your vintage find! Blue jean jackets have lots of opportunities wouldn’t you say?

Moving on to the next book pick, if you want to know how to make your own remedies for cleaning almost anything, this one is great for ideas! It’s great because most of the stuff you will have around your house.

I don’t think they missed a thing coming up with concocting these formulas to take care of your business around the home. It makes sense, seems easy to do and I have already tried a few myself.

I have a dear friend that wears pearls everyday I swear. She looks stylish when she wears them for everyday or dress up and always a classic look. Here is an easy way to keep your pearls clean and ready to wear!

This next suggestion on how to clean your BBQ great just amazed me. Who would have thought to just throw it out on your lawn and let it sit overnight? I have not tried it but bet the walkers passing by your house will wonder whats up with the grill grate in the yard?

How many of you have a favorite leather jacket, purse or fabric furniture piece that has a wet stain on it? Read on, this seems simple enough to take care of the fix.

As you know, there are endless choices of books to choose from at your local library. Rows and rows of temping books that will entertain, teach and offer you hours of inspiration.

Whatever trips your trigger, get on your horse, saddle up and just have fun with your reads! If you side tracked and “get bucked off”, dust your knees off and get back on your horse. Accomplishing a fun project is always inspiring.

I always like to leave you with tune you can hum along with after the read. Saddles, horses and riding out the storm brought this song to my mind and it was always one of my favorite TV shows back in the 60’s. I too hope it brings a smile to your face. I would to hear your comments. Happy trails ~