Do you know the way ~

Remember the song “Do you know the way to San Jose”?

This song has been on my mind for the last few days. Why is it you get a song stuck in your head and you find yourself singing along to it for the next few hours or more?!

Maybe or could it be because Blue Star Collections has a sale coming up? As I sing along with the tunes I try to change the lyrics to fit my sale theme? I know it’s corny, but often it’s fun and I find laughing at myself.

So before I get going silly on making up my own “Blue Star Collections ” sale lyrics, here’s the scoop on what’s coming up October 29/30.

If you like to Hop, Skip and Jump we are calling your name to come have some fun! A bit of junk, collectibles and unique stuff just might be what you have been searching for. Three shops are pooling their energy together to bring you a fun run on the road shop hopping!

Corn Fed Cricket located in an old meat market on the west side of town in Harley, Iowa will have the coffee on as you weave your way around their retro shop. Lots of goodies you won’t want to miss!

Now Mrs. Clark, store owner at Vintage Boutique will be ready to dress you in her lovely vintage clothes. Vintage Boutique is full of surprises and is located in downtown historic Lakefield, Minnesota. It’s fun to search through the racks clothing including dresses, shoes, bags, military, and more beyond you can imagine.

And you ask who, what and where is Blue Star Collections? Beth Bright, store owner rescues repurposes, and restages home furnishings in her 114 year old church located on Hwy. 9 in Superior, Iowa. Not only will you enjoy the displays of stuff, she too will help you select your treasures to stage in your own home. The old Methodist church is a lovely piece of history right smack in the middle of town that has some beautiful bones and windows. Come take a peek if you haven’t seen it!

Now on to more fun as I piece my words together to the tune of “Do you know the way” ~

Do you know the way to shop hop? Its been way too long since we’ve seen your smiles. Fill up your gas tank, program your GPS and come find some good buys with a peace of mind along the highways.

After a few miles and lots of good buys you will feel like a super star scoring some fun stuff! With visions s of junk in your heart, you’ll never be alone just follow the crowd to the next stop.

Will your first stop be Blue Star Collections , Corn Fed Cricket or Vintage Boutique? Doesn’t matter what order, we will be waiting for you! Do you know the way to having some junk fun?!