What floats your boat ~

It’s been an interesting 2020 Summer as we all might say.   So many things going on around us and how we find our new normal with practicing social distance, being in quarantine and what settles our mind.  Boating for many years has been our get away that offers both relaxing and social distancing.

Once on the water, we enjoy watching other boats and a name that might be associated.  We giggle when we see fun statements, names, icons and often try to imagine why they selected the name they did.

I thought it might be fun to read a few names we have seen on our travels.  Our boats have personality, keep us safe and get us from one place to another.  So when your out boating next time and you notice boat names ~ I hope you too smile and knowing there is love, comfort and personality put in floating fun.

What’s your boat name or fun ones you have ran into?