Letting go ~

We all are creatures of habit in one way or another.  As we go through life, we never know when our comfort zone may change nor what it might bring to our table.  Change can bring scared thoughts, excitement and fulfillment when we step out of our box. 

Being the owner of Blue Star Collections for the past 17+years, it has become my little comfort box by producing occasional sales at my shop located in Superior, Iowa.  After hosting over 50 shows, every time I still get butterflies right before I open my doors.  Seeing my “Tribe” stand out waiting to come in to shop still fills my heart with excitement.

In these past two years there has been something tapping me on my shoulder telling me to “expand my horizons”.   After many months of searching out new ideas and answers to continue my Blue Star Collections, blogging kept coming to the forefront.  Why not tap into my expertise and talents and share them with my “Tribe” through the world of Blogging.   My passions have always been meeting people through décor, travel and food.   Three fun things for me to chat about since we all love to eat, pack our suitcase and keep our nest updated. 

We all have a set of Binoculars, our eyes, that we use each day seeing new things. My goal as we created The Blue Binocular is in my hopes to utilize this blog and share my travels, décor ideas and find some good foods along the way.

So, I welcome you to the Blue Binocular!  Lets have fun exploring paths together!

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