Let there be peace on earth ~

Why do parades always make us feel good? This has been the year of cancelations of events and gatherings. After several months, whose counting right, we are all craving for a bit of normal in our life’s. This last weekend The Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce added a bit of fun and normal by organizing a political correct social distancing boat parade right out our front door.

How lucky for us, we decided to take in the fun. How could you not when you heard all the music, giggles and fun approaching and bringing back wonderful memories of watching a parade as a kid!

Let there be PEACE on earth

As each boat went by we took in all the details with awe. Some boats had a serious message while others captivated the fun with Christmas.

There was a total of 31 boat entrees that took place in the parade. People kept their distance and perched in out of way spots to get a glimpse of the lighted boats. The parade traveled several miles around the Fort Myers Beach area offering lots of joy to many.

Whatever your holiday flair is, the boats certainly hit a home run with offering many choices.

How long this must have taken the participants to decorate their boats, the pay off was enjoyed and appreciative by many. Hooting and hollering could be heard for miles across the water.

Of course a holiday parade wouldn’t be complete without Santa and his reindeers. Ohhh how that star shined and filled with lighting up the night.

Here comes Frosty the Snowman and all his glory! Such talent and creativity in making these boats shine with excitement! The weather cooperated with no wind and only a chill in the night air. Frosty stood tall and proud and the audience cheered him on!

And then there was the “beer” boat. The colors from the lights just danced off the waters. Ho Ho “hold my beer”. Someone had fun with this wouldn’t you say!?

As each boat passed it felt like we had a bit of normal taking place on the water. Night lights and fun laughter made you forget all we have been through this 2020.

In closing, the fire pit on the front of this boat said it all. Dumping 2020 in the pit made us all relate to moving on. Out with 2020, lets get 2021 rolling into a positive year with Love, Peace and Happiness.

Thank you Fort Myers Beach for organizing such a successful event and still be socially correct. You made several thousands of people standing on their docks, front yards, and scattered all over happy to see such delight.

I too hope this brought a few smiles to your face. Stay safe, be well and enjoy this Holiday Season in your own way.

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