What’s your “pumpkin” look like?

Just a few days ago we closed the chapter on Summer and now how many of you are decorating for fall? I love the change of colors in our trees, the smell of burning leafs, warm days – cool nights and of course putting out pumpkins.

The look of incorporating pumpkins in our table settings has always inspired me when entertaining. Grab and charcuterie board, tray or something that you might serve on and get going! It’s fun to tap into our creative side and roam through our cupboards in search of adding those special touches. After all, our table settings say who we are.

So what does your pumpkin look like this fall? Painted pumpkins are a big hit! We can paint our pumpkins to set the tone at our tables, living areas or doorsteps.

Build an interest with your colors and design. These are breathtaking and yet simple designs. One might even like to stencil on a design or spell out your name or initials. Just “jump in” and get your pumpkins a bump in’!

It’s fun to use pumpkins for serving pieces. Making a hearty bowl of soup serving it up in a hollowed out squash, or entertaining with a cut in half carved pumpkin full of beverages. It’s endless of what we can do with our imaginations and resources.

Adding those finishing touches in our salads, using as a side dish or just surprising your kids in their lunch bag with these with carrots cut outs to look like pumpkins ~ how fun is this!

Tonight maybe you can turn your meatloaf into a pumpkin for an eye appealing fun feast. Could mash potatoes possibly be ghosts hiding by our meatloaf?

Heading for the beach for the holiday? Here’s an idea to have a pumpkin painting session with friends and family. Before you know it your stair steps with be filled with pumpkin beauty.

Anyone for ‘Candy Corn” or adding an unique facial gesture at your steps?

Have a GRRRReat day!

Today Agriculturalists have added many varieties to choose from. Pumpkin color pallets just scream of exciting tones.

Even the names of the new heirloom pumpkins are fun. Like who wouldn’t want a “fairytale” at their front steps? Would you dare put a “sugar pie” by your sweeties night stand or maybe “baby bear” on the baby’s shelf? What about sitting “alladin” out trick or treat night and putting dry ice in it to enhance all the little goblins”.

These are only a few of what’s out there to tickle our fancy. Let your imagination roam and enjoy the fascination of Fall or Halloween.

~ Whatever pumpkin you choose, make it fun, keep excitement in it and most of all enjoy! Happy Fall ~

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