Our biggest cheerleaders ~

I love Mother’s Day! It’s another day that we can reflect on our Mothers memories and how they made us who we are today. Our hearts are always full when we think of our Mothers.

Mothers give us so much unconditional love and never asking for anything in return. Being a daughter/son, mother, grandmother you all know what I mean.

Our cup continues to runneth over with joy when we think of our mothers. They brought us into this world, feed us, taught us lessons, gave us direction, wiped our tears away, and always had great advice.

Our mothers always stood up for us and was first to raise her hand saying “my kid is the greatest”!

When it’s our birthday, she never forgets our special day. Always makes us feel special with baking or buying us a cake.

Our Mothers have their own stories that we often like to hear. How she met your dad, what was it like when she grew up, or what was the best part of her life. I bet there is a high percentage of your mothers out there that might have said “having YOU was the best”!

As the years go by, the love grows even stronger between mothers and their children. Just when you think your heart is full, more comes pouring in.

So Mom, this day is for you! I wouldn’t be where I am without you. I’m blessed to still have you in my life and having those special moments. Laughing when we can’t get you in the car, talking about current events, or if you took all the bingo prizes home again. 😉 I wouldn’t trade these silly moments for anything! These memories have been priceless.

I also was blessed to have a wonderful mother-in-law. Brian was also lucky to have such a supportive mother and they had such a beautiful mother / son bond. Today she is in heaven but I still miss those favorite talks with her.

Then there is my daughter Kelli that made me a mother. Such a handful of JOY! She is beautiful inside and out with her strong and loving personality. I’m am such a proud mama with all her success today! And then there is little “Princess Marley”, all the joy she brings to everyone when she meets them for the first time.

So mothers out there, THANK YOU for your love, leadership, and laughs. You are our hero’s, and we often don’t tell you enough how really special you are!

So where ever your mother is today be it living on earth or up above in heaven, enjoy all the wonderful memories our mothers brings us. Party on together like there is no tomorrow. Be grateful ~ enjoy her love. Happy Mother’s Day ~