Oh Cinderella!

How many of you are still looking for your special pumpkin this fall? We often make this trip taking Highway 169 north going through Mankato, Minnesota to the Twin Cities. This last weekend this caught our eye and we felt we hit the jackpot of pumpkin patches!

The mega display had several choices of color, size and varieties. Need squash or popcorn? Yep, they also had a wonderful selection to tease your fall palette. For those decorators out there, come get your bale of hay to stage your pumpkins as well!

Still looking for Cinderella? She might be in the pile for you to come fetch!

I recently made this pasta recipe with squash, spinach and feta cheese with marinara sauce. Quite tasty, fun to make and a nice fall dish. You also might want to try it out: https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/pasta-recipes/squash-spinach-pasta-rotolo/

Looking at all these pumpkins, one always wonders what they do with the leftover ones? Would it be fun to roast all the seeds? I love the smell of roasting seeds ~ here again is a recipe I have tried you might also have fun with. Caution, you can’t just eat one seed! https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/toasted_pumpkin_seeds/

The venue was self serve so you could drop your cash at the drop box. Prices were listed so you could shop until your heart was content.

Drop your cash here!
The gourds were having a “hay” day tangling around all the fun!

So if your still wondering where this pumpkin venue is located at: Take North Hwy 169 ~ located on the east side of the highway close by the Harley Davidson dealership in Mankato. Enjoy if you decide to stop ~