Checking in on the King ~

As the birds are flying south, we too know it’s time to head south in search of warmer weather. We decided to take the route through Memphis and do a “drive by” to check out Elvis Presley’s home “Graceland”.

How many of you are Elvis Presley fans out there in Blog Land? Do you still sing along to his songs today? If so, what was your favorite tune Elvis sang?

Maybe his number one hit “Heartbreak Hotel”

Could it be “Burning Love”?

Many of us remember the day Elvis died, August 16, 1977 at the young age of 42. People flocked to “Graceland” in tears to leave memorials outside the brick wall surrounding his home. After all, Elvis was “The King of Rock and Roll”.

Elvis had a very colorful life. Jet airplanes to take him anywhere. You often heard he would rent the entire local movie theater and take his friends to see the movies. I wonder how many he packed in on this 707 jet? Now wouldn’t that have been fun to jet away with Elvis! The airplane was named after his daughter, Lisa Marie ❤️.

Elvis’ 707 Aircraft named after his daughter
“Lisa Marie”

I also might guess several of you followed his flamboyant and famous life. Those of you being Elvis followers out there probably knew he grew up in a modest family and started his singing in the church. At a young age he entered singing competitions and would win with his unique and exotic style.

Later serving in the military Elvis was stationed in Germany where he met his young (14 years old) bride to be Priscilla Beaulieu. After courting several years they married and a year later came their daughter Lisa Marie. They were married six years before divorcing but their love story continued on sharing their daughter Lisa Marie together.

Today there is still was a welcome feeling with the gates wide open as tourists continue to come visit Graceland. Although we only drove by, the energy continues with writings on the brick walls surrounding the estate.

Heartfelt messages written outside on the brick walls that expressed sadness with the loss of the King of Rock and Roll ~ Elvis Presley.

So till we meet again Elvis, we will continue to enjoy your spirit through the songs you left behind. My “Blue Suede Shoes” will keep dancing whether “It’s now or Never” but you will “Always Be on My Mind”.

Thanks Elvis for all the memories, I’m still “All Shook up” after doing my drive by your beautiful Graceland.

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