Fun, Food and Freedom ~

How quickly the 4th of July arrived! As a kid we always looked forward to picnics, parades and fireworks. It was and still is an all day celebration for many.

Nothing has really changed over the years as we grow older in celebrating the 4th. It still evolves around food, fun and especially recognizing our Freedom.

This year with the 4th of July holiday weekend being a three day event, it gave us plenty of time to celebrate.

There are so many choices of what to do, what to eat and where to go. We love trying to take it all in for food and fun. One thing is for certain is to go to the grocery store early to beat the crowds and get your goodies before they are gone.

What’s your menu this year? Are you adding some creative ideas for your table? We all know it gets busy and planning ahead is key. We all want easy, fun and tasty.

Maybe you have a last minute gathering to attend and take a dish to share. You search your pantry and refrigerator to see what might work. Fruit is always welcome at any gathering. Charcuterie boards never disappoint. Our eyes love all the colors to please our palette.

We love driving by and seeing our country’s flag so proudly displayed no matter where we might be. Our freedom is always on the back of our minds more so today with our world happenings. What do you do to catch people’s attention?

Keeping it simple is always pleasing to the eye and heart. Taking all the sights in on the lake, we love the “pops” of color. Even in time of construction a big flag catch’s our attention that makes us smile.

If music was on your agenda this weekend, you might have taken in “The Lake Effect” concert in Okoboji, Iowa. It was huge crowd pleaser attracting many boats for the day.

The boats perch out in the water finding the perfect location to float and take in the tunes. 🎶🎵

Picture perfect fun from 1000 feet above made for a pleasing sight to take in.

If sailing was on your agenda this weekend, that too was covered with many sailors taking advantage of the regatta. Winds made sailing another success.

What a difference a year makes! Last year as we were locked down with Covid. This year it was tine to celebrate and make it even more special with our choices in all activities.

So whatever you decide to do to celebrate this last day of our beautiful weekend, make it special with lasting memories. Cheers to a fun and free holiday as we all celebrate our freedom.

I leave you with a song we all can relate to. A little Bruce Springfield tune to make us stand tall and get your toes tapping ~