Star of HOPE ~

This year might feel a bit different when you pull out your holiday decor setting the tone as you decorate your Christmas tree. Covid once again is making us think what our own Christmas might look like with social practices still being encouraged for our holiday gatherings.

For me the “Star” always seems to be my “go to” in decorating as it catches my attention with its beauty. This year is no exception, it was the “Starfish” that provided the inspiration and hope on our tree. What is your inspiration to make your tree have that special look?

A “Star” has always intrigued me with its five points, its a decorators dream. I love setting it up in my decor whenever possible to add interest as well as hope to the eye. It’s easy to tuck in groupings or placing it to stand alone making its presence known.

In addition, with my love of a starfish it also holds characteristics such as guidance, vigilance, inspiration, brilliance and intuition. The starfish is a spirit animal and teaches you to cure yourself over time, fill up the void, and replace it with something better. It symbolizes regeneration, renewal, and self-sustainability. Don’t we all need a bit more of that these days?

Another fun story speaking of “Stars”, on the evening of Dec. 21, Jupiter and Saturn will seem to inch incredibly close to each other, looking like one single bright star. In reality, they will be hundreds of millions of miles apart. When two celestial objects closely approach each other in the sky, astronomers call it a conjunction.

A “Christmas star” will light up the sky on the December Solstice, a rare “double planet” event that hasn’t been seen since the Middle Ages. These two planets have not appeared to be this close together from Earth’s vantage point since predawn March 4, 1226. A treat for many this holiday season for this hasn’t happened in almost over 800 years!

We all know the story of the bright star leading the three wisemen to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Suppose this is what the three wisemen witnessed? One can only imagine the excitement that took place.

So, as I continue my decorating this holiday season, I can’t but help think about this exciting view that we will all have the opportunity to witness for this Pre-Christmas gift. Angels might be singing “Angels We Have Heard on High” in celebration of this rare moment.

Continuing with my “starfish” inspiration I placed this Tern bird surrounded by “starfish” along with a few shells making sure it has a great front row spot for viewing the tree and more.

By adding a few fish it enhanced my table and married the starfish along with sand dollars together. Once might suggest the only thing missing is the sand from the beach.

My modest, little skinny tree stands proud this holiday season. Each day I add a little more embellishment to it with drift wood, rope balls, starfish, netting and more that I collects along the beach. With each new layer it comes more and more to life.

One thing I do know for sure, I will count my blessings with what 2020 gave us. Whether 2020 was good or bad, we all have new hope to look forward to and a rare “star” sighting that is coming upon us this month.

So whatever your tree symbols this holiday season, make it shine by adding your own touch and of course love. This “is” special year and its up to each of us how we want to make it “shine”.

Wishing you a fun filled and inspired decorating holiday season ~

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  2. So love your blog, we love starfish our best find was in Orcas Island in WAshington, we would turn over rocks with our Granddaughters and they were purple.

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