What would you do?

How many of you have watched “What would you do” that airs on TV with host John Quinones? It’s one of my favorite shows to watch.

We all have those fun stories to share and this week I too have one to share that might give you warm and fuzzies. I so enjoy life, loving experiences with people I don’t know. We never know when we these people might step into our life, but one thing for sure they always make a big impact after the fact.

Earlier this week I met my dear friend Libby Anderson that has helped me through a few Human Resources questions and situations over these last few weeks.

We meet at a fun outdoor patio restaurant called Tommy Bahama in Coconut Point Mall north of Naples, FL. This wonderful restaurant offers a fun setting, a great happy hour and it’s always packed with people staying socially distance apart.

Libby and I find a spot and chat away about life and growing our businesses. Many times we discuss the latest Podcasts, Instagram and what other entrepreneurs might be doing out there. Our couple of hours together always goes fast!

In a few weeks, Libby will be heading to Okoboji for the summer months and asked if we would transport a fragile lamp shade for her. By all means I say, I will pick it up at our social gathering. By the way, the shade is a beauty!

We are a one car family while in Florida so I’m often dropped off and picked later. Brian, my husband stops into Tommy Bahamas after a couple of hours to join us. My friend Libby needs to get home so Brian and Libby leave together to exchange the lamp that we are transporting back to Iowa.

Meanwhile I’m sitting by myself daydreaming when I can feel and hear these two women chatting about me. I then notice another set of women at a different table doing the same. I look over and make eye contact. After a few minutes the one gal says you can come sit at our table. It was funny because have you ever looked around and thought “me”?

I giggle to myself and get up and walk over to their table. After a few minutes of small talk they thought I was left alone from my table mates. They weren’t sure what happened but they felt bad I was left solo. How sweet for them to rescue me.

Meanwhile, I met two awesome young gals. Hanna and Ashley whom both worked in the medical field. Hanna was a pharmacist and Ashley a nurse distributing Covid shots and in a matter of minutes we were instant friends.

We also chatted about how Tommy Bahamas had wonderful, eye appealing drinks. They assured me next time I must order one of these awesome martinis! I think so too!

A few minutes later, here comes Brian wondering who these two women were as we chatted like best friends. We all giggle together after telling him the story. I move back to my table and think of the TV show “What would you do”? A smile crossed my face thinking there are always new friends looking out for each other when we least expect it.

Finishing our drinks and getting back in our vehicle I have another fun moment and find a surprise! There in our front seat was beautiful bouquet of flowers from my friend Libby . My heart was full of such generous offerings from the day ~ new friends and flowers from a dear friend!

I can’t wait until the next time when Libby and I meet to share our synergies.

Meanwhile please check out Libby’s fun business. If your in need for some “wise business advice” and more, here is where you can find her.

Libby Anderson ~ http://www.talentforcesolutions.com/contact/

So next time your out and about when a stranger approaches you with a question, “What will you do”?