Day dreaming of Blue Bottles and more ~

A day trip to Matlache, Florida is just what the doctored ordered. How often do we say those words when we are in need of change or fun? It had been a busy week with my part time gig on Fort Meyers Beach and Brian busy doing his virtual CAMM Air, so at the end of the week we just wanted some fun!

In the past we have taken our bikes to Matlache exploring in and around the waterways of the small village. Our thinking once again, we decided to do a repeat and explore more of the charming area.

Our first stop was the Blue Dog Bar and Grill located on the main highway in Matlache. The outdoor patio seating sits along a waterway with many beautiful sights. A Kayaker cruised by, sitting water ducks were perched in the trees and on the water just waiting for the next fish go by so they too might have lunch. The outdoor patio was the place to be and it quickly calmed our minds.

Something simple was on our tastebuds for lunch. I thought a simple salad and Brian decided on a simple burger and beer.

Oh my, when our food arrived we grinned with joy! As I set my eyes on the BLT salad I had ordered I quickly noticed it was a whole head of iceberg lettuce! The steak knife inserted in the center made a “big” statement. Also joking the sandwich Brian ordered was prepared especially for him a “B” nicely branded on top of fit. 😉.

After filling our bellies, it was time to walk some of these calories off and do a bit of shopping in the creative shops surrounding the village.

One of our first stops was Leona Lovegrove’s Art Gallery. I had been there in the past and remembered it being a rather colorful, creative art studio. As we walked in the studio, the color just exploded and it seemed like the place was on steroids. All the loud colors took your breath away with creative juices flowing in and out of the gallery.

Quickly noticing an article of Leona Lovegrove posted on the wall, I was curious to read and learn more about this talented lady. Just then, the word “cancer” jumped out as I read on. Leona had been touched with cancer and she had embraced her challenge by painting with pink paint.

The pink touch’s were splashed all around the gallery and you could feel the comfort it gave many. Talented Leona was fighting back as she fought her cancer with pink as well as sharing her gift to others to enjoy. 💕

From the minute you walked in, not only did you see pink BUT these beautiful blue bottles turned into creative and beautiful architecture garden pieces.

Walking down the path as you entered the back patio, these blue beauties were lined up and made you feel as you were in an arboretum paradise garden.

I’m still seeing these blue bottles dancing around in my head after this visit to Matlache, Florida. These blue beauties were staged so beautiful and made you want to start collecting blue bottles so you too could add a wow factor in your own garden.

Pink kept showing up everywhere you stepped. All the “love” put in this garden was a breath of fresh air.

Then it’s “take stage” ~ such a fun idea for events, and parties. I recently read they held Easter church services this year right on this stage. Reservations were required, I bet it was a sell out!

Leona must be a big “Beatles” fan. Several of her paintings had a fun Beatle twist. The moment you seen these painting, you wanted to start singing!

Baby, you can drive my car. Yes, I’m going to be a “Star”. You say it’s your Birthday, it’s my Birthday too yeah! Memories of those songs came flashing back in my head as I remembered these tunes so well growing up in the 60’s.

There was so much to look at. Next on the path I spotted the amusing painted coconuts. Who wouldn’t want to get one of these lively painted sayings?!

Leona has just thought of everything to please all creative pallets. The small camper trailer just screamed fun! It took several minutes to just studying all the amazing art. I must say, the eye glasses showed off Leona’s signature eye. 😉

So as I come to the end of patio paradise, I see a painting studio. I had become so inspired with all the wonderful color and painted venues I decided maybe it was time I too picked up a paint brush.

I signed up for a class and wha-la this painted lady at the beach became mine. What do you think? Again, it’s what inspires us each to be creative and tap into that fun side of our brain.

I could have stayed all day back in that little patio perched on the water. With blue bottles dancing in my head, day dreaming and singing Beatles songs. Seeing pink and having so much respect for Leona. The road she took fighting breast cancer and sharing her talents generosity with others.

As I left Leona Lovegrave’s Art Studio I felt grateful to be moved with her art. The saying when life hands us lemons, we all need to make lemonade such as Leona did. By the way, Leona did fight the cancer and I believe is still leaving her creative message around Florida.

I hope some day my path crosses Leona’s. I can only imagine the energy that would radiant from her upon our meeting. Meanwhile, paint or dance like no one is watching ~ you never know who you might inspire.