About “Blue Star” Beth ~

Three Generations & A Big B!

It’s Mother’s Day 2020!!!  Happy Mom’s Day to all you amazing women!  My name is Kelli Johanson; nice to e-meet you!  In full disclosure, I have hacked my Mom, “Blue Star Beth”‘s blog!  This is her Mom’s day gift…I don’t believe in gifting anything that would sit on a shelf (including food) at this point in my life; so, I am gifting words – words for the entire world to read forever and ever…because what better platform to brag about my mom than on her very own blog!  So, without further ado, please meet Beth – my Mom – the reason for my season, the breath in my life, the yin to my yang…one of the most amazing women I know.  Let the bragging begin…for those who think you know Beth – well, you really have no idea…here are just a few of the MANY qualities she radiates:

1.  Creative!
2.  Relentless!
3.  Adorable!
4.  Savvy!
5.  Fashionista!
6.  Energetic!
7.  Entrepreneur!
8.  Frugal!
9.  Healthy!
10. Positive!
11. Accepting!
12. Innovative!
13. Chef!
14. Organized!
15. Detailed!
16. Smart!
17. Inquisitive!
18. Conversationalist!
19. Planner!
20. Futuristic!
21. Perky!
22. Peppy!
23. Happy!
24. Republican!
25. Outgoing!
26. Sensible!
27. Decorator!
28. Empathetic!
29. Appreciative!
30. Thankful!
31. Progressive!
32. Worldly!
33. Optimist!
34. Christian!
35. Particular!
36. Fearless!
37. Fun!
38. Hard-working!
39. Concerned!
40. Leader!

…and OH SO MANY MORE!  But, I digress…bottom line is that Beth Bright (aka “Blue Star Beth”) is one helluva lady…from the inside-out…from the top-to-bottom…her giggles make me giggle, her advice make me go “hmmmm”, her…her…her…again, I digress.  :).

If you’ve made it this far through the post, then you’re deserving of knowing her next venture – The Blue Binocular ~ Blue Stars next Collection, where Beth will personally lens (pun intended) you with all of the behind the scenes moments of her critically acclaimed BLUE STAR and just how much that sucker has been a beacon of light, hope, and love throughout small-town Iowa and beyond…it’s made headline news…it’s weathered storms…it’s – again, I digress…just stay tuned!

In closing – Mom, this one’s for you – as The Blue Binoculars very first blog contributor, I want to leave you with these closing words of enlightenment, encouragement, and another “e” verb-word I can’t think of at the top of my head; but, because we decorate in 3’s, we should write accordingly (see, readers – your very first “lens” HA)!

Mom – I love you – thank you for instilling in me all of your absolutely jaw-dropping-amazing characteristics.  I’m not nearly the woman you are (yet) but in time I’ll get there…should probably start by buying matching silverware…regardless, you have many more lives to touch, and jaws to drop…you’re just beginning…so, type away – your Blue Bincoluar is patiently awaiting – and so are its viewers.  I’m here to support you every peck of the way (no, you don’t type like that it just sounds good).  Kell