Memories of Summer 2021

Wow, can you believe how quickly summer has pasted us and we are now well on our way of seeing and smelling fall in the air! What a fun run we all had this Summer of 2021 and what a difference a year makes.

Last year at this time we were all trying to deal with that “C” (Covid) thing with where we should go and not go. This summer all the doors were open and we were ready to rock and roll into some fun!

It was a summer of fun music no matter where you were. We not only were excited to have music groups back and singing to us but found the music groups also felt the same about us and were so grateful to be back playing their favorite songs.

Music fills our soul in so many ways. We took in several concerts probably like most of you this summer. One special group stuck out in our minds, it was the 70’s rock group Head East. The group who grew up in the Midwest back in the 70’s and they are still playing those favorite songs in their “70’s”.

Each song they played brought back many memories as we tapped our toes and sang along. Often when we hear music it takes us right back to when, where and what we were doing when that song was popular.

The most important part of the concert was delivered by Roger Boyd who plays the keyboard. With each setting Roger reminisced how they got started and what band members they have lost along the way. Roger was sincere when he spoke how grateful they were and how Okoboji supported them along the way.

Back in the 70’s we didn’t have cell phones, iPads, or the technology as we have today. Rotary phones was our line of communication. How did we ever do it? Suppose that’s how “shagging the drag” started? We would just meet or show up on the square and see who was out and go from there.

If you wanted to hear songs on a radio station you called in on the old rotary phone to request your favorite song as Head East mentioned. The Top 10 Music Billboard was and still is a big thing. We would watch our favorite songs climb to the top of the list.

Roger Boyd also reminded when they would play at the Roof Garden in Okoboji there was the rope down the center of the dance floor. One side was for underage minors and the other side you could drink the night away if you wished. Many chuckled from the audience because the rope was often sparingly managed. 😉

With all the fun memories told, Roger Boyd and the rest of his band members were grateful to Okoboji and what we gave them. In his closing emotional words he stated he hoped he would be lucky enough to come back again and make more memories with us.

Along with Head East we also had the privilege of hearing several other music groups. The Grassroots, Marshall Tucker, Arch Allies, The Beach Boys and many more adding to the list.

How fun it was to watch these cute, young girls dancing on the bench taking in a glimpse of The Beach Boys. California Dreaming just turned into Okoboji Dreaming!

And, if you were fortune enough to be in Okoboji the week the International Regatta took place how lucky were you! There were several exciting moments. The summer winds played well making the sailboats dance on the Okoboji blue waters. Such beautiful sights to see!

The large, beautiful sails opening and watching them fly across the lake was spectacular! Come sail away with me ~

And we are off to the races ~

Up close and personal with a birds eye view ~

Several tourists and Regatta sailors found new fun in Okoboji, Iowa

Look up in the sky! What is that noise? Ohhhh it’s a hot air balloon! Once again when the summer Okoboji winds were perfect, we often had the privilege of spotting a hot air ballon. We would run into an open air spot to get a better view of its beauty!

Now in the summer if you don’t get enough music on shore, hop in your boat and you will find more in the water. Damon Dotson our hometown Okoboji boy grew up and has entertained us for many years. Still several years later, Damon comes back to share his talent and puts on a heck of a concert at Miller’s Bay over the 4th of July weekend. The boats flock in for the fun! Its an awesome sight to see from the air taking in all the colorful boats and maui mats.

If you like to play hop scotch, this is the place to be jumping from one boat to another.

Okoboji tourists and residents were lucky to have fireworks every weekend. Yep, it took place every Saturday night after the free concerts in the Preservation Plaza. People lined up on the shoreline to catch a few minutes of pure joy.

Lots of 4th of July gatherings around the lakes, and parks. Food creativity at its best to celebrate the holiday ~

How many of you took in the bikes trails around Okoboji? If you live or visit Okoboji and have a bike, your probably one of the lucky ones that take in a few sights on the bike trails. Each year there are several fundraisers. The Bike Trail Fundraiser is one of many that several people generously give back to the community. Over the past few years the Trails Board have completed several new bike mile trails. One would not lack of which trail to take.

Did someone mention social gatherings? Such fun, creative and tasty food and beverages are always shared out on the deck. Charcuterie boards have become a popular way of entertaining. They not only look beautiful but are filling and fun!

We’re any of you brave enough to do Yoga on the water? Yipes, what a test of balance! For time being, the shoreline is just fine with me but I so appreciate seeing these yogis doing their poses and looking so graceful. Namaste ~

So I leave you a short clip of “Do you believe in Magic” by the Loving Spoonfuls. Maybe we just had a bit of magic in Okoboji, Iowa this 2021 Summer ~ what do you think?