Miracles and more ~

Recently a friend of mine sent me an article on “miracles” and I have been thinking about “miracles” ever since. Today as I write this, I’m thinking this might have been a miracle I received this message in my email.

Are you looking for sign for purpose or new direction in your life? How many of you can really say you believe in miracles? Miracles are often associated with religion or a higher power sending us messages. I think I’m safe in saying “things happen for a reason”.

Our life’s get so busy every day, every week and before we know it another year passes. That sounds crazy doesn’t it? We often state how quickly times goes but do we really take time to notice miracles around us?

How many of us have said this before ~ it would take a miracle to make a certain event happen? Often in the news, journalists mention miracles. In a certain catastrophe they often stated it was a “miracle” no one was hurt. For example, living in the Midwest and tornados hit the ground destroying homes and businesses but often spares many people life’s. Suppose it was a miracle?

Every day, we experience miracles and we might not notice it because of our busy life. What if we took the time and concentrated on the miracles that take place around us each day, would we be amazed?

Blue Star Collection recently completed a staging project setting up three apartments for Airbnb’s in St. Paul, MN. The property is nested in a lovely, historical neighborhood surrounded with beautiful old homes. We were in our last hour of staging and I still needed one more area rug in a bedroom. As much as I wanted to discount the idea, the floors were hardwood so I felt it was necessary to complete the project.

We took off in search of a rug. It was late afternoon, city traffic was building during rush hour so it took longer than expected. When we arrived back to the apartments we got out of the truck and the doors locked. I thought Brian hit the button prematurely but nope it was me that accidentally hit the lock button getting out the truck. The keys got locked inside along with both phones and the new rug. Ohhhhhhh

There happened to be a rental person one of the completed apartments so we reached out to them for help to call the police and have our doors open. We were quickly told the St. Paul / Minneapolis Police Officers no longer assist with these issues. They suggested we call a locksmith. Now take in mind, its after 5:00 pm, traffic is crazy and what locksmith are we going to find to help that wasn’t going take all night in assisting??

After a bit of creative thinking, Brian noticed when we came back in the neighborhood after rug shopping there was a transport semi loading a car just down the street from the apartments. We both actually commented on our return of rug shopping stating “isn’t that odd” that a transport car semi would be in this neighborhood loading up a car?

When all our creative thoughts on how to get into the truck expired with a dead end, Brian came up with the thought that the semi driver down the street might have a tool to open locked doors since he was in the business of transporting cars. After a short walk down the street, sure enough there was hope. Making the connection with this fine gentleman named Jorge, our new friend came down and assisted opening the locked truck doors. No money was exchanged for his service, he stated to just pass the favor on to the next “Good Samaritan” in need. We both felt proud to be surrounded by such a generous person.

After putting the rug as we drove off from the apartments we reminiscing about the projects and meeting Jorge, I stated that was a “miracle” that just happened. What are the chances of this man being in that neighborhood the same time of the day and with a tool that could help assist us?

Our hearts were full of gratitude of such kindness ~

When you run to the grocery store and someone smiles at you in the produce department or maybe at the checkout line how do you feel? Our eyes and smiles say so much more to others when we don’t even realize it. These small acts might be an everyday miracle. Do you later continue to think about that smile or kind gesture?

I find the best girlfriends in a store when I’m trying on a dress or other piece of clothing, If I’m shopping by myself and don’t have a friend along that will tell me if it looks good or put it back on the rack almost always out of the blue, a gal steps up and says I love that on you! The conversation begins. Are you sure it doesn’t make my butt look too big? 😉 Out of the blue girlfriends are great! No judgement, just honest words. You have to love those little miracles that happen.

I truly feel everyday miracles happen around us. We all just need to open our hearts and eyes to our surroundings. Miracles are a confirmation of a larger force that is present in our life’s. Just when we feel it’s a bad day or bad situation a miracle might happen that leads our minds into a different direction and often can lead us in a new venture or mindset.

So, are you in need of a miracle today? Are you paying attention to your surroundings and have your eyes wide open? If you open your mind and heart you might find more miracles around you than you realize. They could be small miracles, but possibly powerful.

I encourage you all today to open your heart, your eyes and your mind as you look, listen and feel your surroundings. They just might add “bright” moments to your day and create a new path for you.

Now if your looking for a great “flick” to watch, put Two Hearts on your list. As we chat about “miracles”, this a true story about a miracle happening between two couples. It will warm your heart, make you smile but be sure to have a box of Kleenex handy.


And as always in my closing, I love to leave with a tune to hum along with. Enjoy ~